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Quicksilver Aircraft

I am a dealer for the Quicksilver line of aircraft. Please select from the following links:

Models Available:

Price Lists:

Notes: Prices subject to change without notice. All price lists in PDF format.


Use my Color selection page to see the various color combinations that are available. Then, you may fill out one of the forms below, to place your order for which colors you would like:

All color selection forms are Microsoft Word documents.

Special Light Sport Aircraft: (June 2006). Recently, Quicksilver issued a press release, concerning their plans to produce Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA):

"Quicksilver's plan is to do several SLSA aircraft. The GT500/582 will be the first plane finished as soon as Rotax provides a Statement of compliance for the 582. The word is they will have it at Sun-n-Fun. Next will be the Sport 2S and finally the GT500/912. A timetable has not been provided but the intent is that all will be done prior to the 2008 deadline for ELSA registration of the "existing fleet". The first "build center" for the SLSA will be at the factory. At this time there are no plans for satellite build centers but that may change as the market for SLSA defines itself."


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