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Interested In Learning To Fly?

Sport Pilot Instruction: I am a Certified Flight Instructor (Sport Pilot, Airplane). I can offer ground and flight instruction, leading toward a Sport Pilot certificate or rating. I can also issue endorsements (14 CFR 61.323, 61.325, 61.327, 61.419), perform proficiency checks (14 CFR 61.321, 61.419) and flight reviews (14 CFR 61.56).

Also see:

I am based in southern California. If you have any questions, feel welcomed to e-mail me.

Designated Pilot Examiner

I am a Designated Pilot Examiner (Sport Pilot Examiner, Airplane). As such, I am authorized to administer practical exams for applicants who want to become Sport Pilots. I can also issue Student Pilot certificates.

Remote Pilot Certificates: I am authorized to process applications for pilots (with a current flight review) who wish to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate.

Designated Pilot Flight Instructor Examiner

I am a Designated Pilot Flight Instructor Examiner. As such, I am authorized to administer practical exams for applicants who want to become Sport Pilot Flight Instructors.

Maintenance And Inspections

I hold a Light Sport Repairman Maintenance rating (airplane). I am authorized to perform annual condition inspections and 100 hour condition inspections on any airplane in the Experimental Light Sport Airplane (E-LSA), or Special Light Sport Airplane (S-LSA) categories. In addition, I am authorized to perform maintenance and repair on S-LSAs, as allowed by manufacturers of these planes.

I am an Independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (IRMT), and can perform service and maintenance functions on the 912 series engine.

Sport Pilot Information

On July 20, 2004, the new Sport Pilot regulations were released. This new rule went into effective on September 1, 2004. You may view the text of this new rule as a Microsoft Word document (1.3Mb), in HTML format (2.4Mb), or as a PDF file (951Kb)

For more information on Sport Pilot, please see:

Sport Pilot Knowledge Tests:

Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards:

Sport Pilot Training Aids:

Training Materials:

FAA Publications:

Sport Pilot Instructor Training Aids:

Applications And Forms:

Find a Sport Pilot Examiner:

Find a sport pilot examiner in your area by visiting this web page: FAA Examiners. For more help using the search page, visit this help page.

Links And Information

Here are some aviation links and information I think you will find very useful. If you'd like to be added to this list, let me know.

Aviation Regulations and Advisory Circulars:


Notices To Airmen (NOTAMS):

Advisory Circulars:

Airspace Classification:

Online Tutorials:

Online Practice Tests:

Flight Planning Resources:

Online Weather Information:

Other Documents:

General Aviation Related Links:

Experimental Aircraft:

Registering a new aircraft:

To register your plane in the amateur-built or Light Sport experimental category, first, see the Amateur Built Aircraft Reference Page, from the FAA. This page gives a lot of guidance, and links to required forms. You should also consult Advisory Circular 20-27G, and FAA Order 8130.2J - Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft and Related Products.

The basic steps of placing your plane into the experimental category are:

(1) Aircraft Registration: This is done, by submitting the following forms to the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch (AFS-750):

When the registration has been approved, the FAA will send you a 8050-3 (Certificate Of Aircraft Registration).

(2) Prepare the plane for inspection:

(3) Inspection: Have the plane inspected, so an airworthiness certificate can be issued. This involves getting an FAA inspector or a Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) to inspect your plane. The following forms are submitted to your local FSDO:

If you use a DAR, these forms would be submitted to the FAA after the inspection.

(4) Repairman Certificate: If you are registering your plane as an amateur built, and if you built more than 51% of the plane, and have documentation to prove it, you can submit a form 8610-2 to your local FSDO. It's been my experience that this is done in person, so that the FAA can verify your documentation. If you are registering your plane as a Light Sport Plane, then you must complete one of the Sport Pilot repairman courses to obtain your repairman certificate.

Buying/Selling an aircraft:

If you have purchased a plane that is already registered, and already has an airworthiness certificate, the seller will fill out the back of the the aircraft registration certificate (8050-3), and mail it to the FAA. You, as the buyer, must mail the following to the FAA:

Death of an Owner:

If your aircraft is registered to you and a spouse, and the spouse dies, submit the following to the FAA to remove the deceased person's name from the registration:

Converting an S-LSA to E-LSA:

If you are the owner of an S-LSA aircraft, and wish to change it to an E-LSA (in accordance with 14 CFR 21.191(i)(3)), the following steps must be completed:

For more information:

Crash Links:

Other Misc. Links:

Air Traffic Control (Listen to ATC):

Aircraft Movement (View aircraft positions):

Other Ultralight Related Resources And Links:


Radio Information:


Ultralight and Sport Plane Manufacturers & Dealers:

Also see ByDanJohnson.com (Dan Johnson's website, with many aircraft reviews and articles available for download)

Aviation Books And Manuals:



Engine Accessories:

Exhaust System Coatings:

Headsets, Helmets And Intercoms:


Lights And Strobes


Ballistic Parachutes:

Equipment And Suppliers:




Online Radio Shows:

Dealers And Flight Schools:

Ultralight Performers:

Misc Web Sites:

International Web Sites:

Ultralight Clubs:

Ultralight Pilot Websites:

Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft Classifieds:

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